Welcome to a window into my world. As an artist who trained in the discipline of painting, my approach to most of my work is painterly and goes well beyond producing pictures. Rather than seeing my work as 'products to be consumed', I see them as 'agents for change' working specifically in the terrain of human-nature relationship. In my creative practice, I investigate ‘sense of place’ by making paintings, working with local pigments, performing rituals in the landscape, giving talks and researching various streams of knowledge focussed on 'belonging' and 'place'. As an Afrikaner living in Southern Africa, I track the various paths that have led to human alienation from the natural world in the West; but specifically in Africa. My aim is to resuscitate old ways and discover new ways of relating to natural places, to other human beings and to myself through the making of art. 

Ecological thinkers such as Arne Naess, Deleuze & Guattari, Thomas Berry and Joanna Macy inform my practice. Artists who inspired me are Tacita Dean, Marina Abramovic, Richard Long, Andy Goldsworthy, Kazuo Shiraga, Francis Alÿs, Wolfgang Liab and Bill Viola. Influential painters I have studied are Agnes Martin, Mark Rothko, Antoni Tàpies, Marlene Dumas, Yang Jiechang and Hung Fai. 

I have a diverse creative practice centred around special places I have intimate relationships with and love and visit regularly. These include the Table Mountain National Park, the Tankwa Karoo and various sacred sites in South Eastern Botswana. My practices include meditative pieces (or prayers) in natural pigments from these sites, landscape paintings in natural pigments, artist’s films recording in-situ ritual performances and installations in organic matter; all in relation to these special places. In addition to these practices, I enjoy making botanical and landscape studies based in Western painting traditions, which furthers my knowledge and deep connection to a place.

Please feel free to write to me, should you be interested to join me in my practice, or need me to work with a place that is dear to you or to invite me to participate in talks, exhibitions and/or residencies. 

Work on show

A Certain Place, Curated by Candice Cruse for Julia Meintjies Fine Art: A landscape painting exhibition about place with the Everard Family at Tokara Wine Estate; Helshoogte Rd, Stellenbosch, Cape Town, 7600 +27 836751825

Animal Power!, Montoro12 Gallery, Avenue Van Volxem 316, 1190 Brussels, BG +32 470300483
Opening 7 September 2023

Please feel free to contact me directly at hanienconradie@gmail.com My exhibited paintings, films and other works are for sale through the Circa Everard Read Gallery in Cape Town. Please contact them at ctgallery@everard.co.za. The Daor Gallery also stocks my work at info@daor.co.za and in Europe, I work with the Montoro12 Gallery in Brussels. Please contact them at brussels@m12gallery.com You can also purchase my work through the Spier Arts Trust initiative: The Creative Block - Please contact  traffic@spierartstrust.co.za The ArtGazette also stock my work on paper. Please visit https://www.artgazette.comPlease email me directly to discuss commissions, sale of studio work and new projects. hanienconradie@gmail.com