South African artist Hanien Conradie's artwork has been described as holding qualities of "a delicate and refined thoughtfulness, work which evidences physical engagement and locatedness, and which explores themes of damage and responsibility"(Jeremy Wafer).

Made mostly from found natural materials her work shares an approach with artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Long and Kazua Shiraga where place, body and process are linked. Smaller intimate paintings drawing on botanical illustration and traditional landscape painting are concerned with 'remembering' and could be described as evocations of the spirit of an endangered place or flower.

The artist's personal history as an Afrikaans woman rooted in Africa but variously regarded as alien or undesirable, informs themes where cultural identity, belonging and indigeneity are questioned and hope beyond loss is discovered.

Flowers & the Heart Liefdes Viering (Love Celebration) Babiana ambigua Protea odorata (CR)

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