'This place is part of myself...
My relation to this place is part of myself...
If this place is destroyed, something in me is destroyed...
My relation to this place is such that if the place is changed, I am changed...'
(Arne Naess in The Ecology of Wisdom; 2008: 87-88)

In my practice I am concerned with loss of natural environments, cultural diversity and individual subjectivity. Rather than focussing solely on the natural world, I like to examine the complex interdependent relationships between these three spheres. I do this through exploring 'sense of place' through spending time in indigenous environments that I have particular connections/relations to.
My artistic approach toward making stems mostly from the discipline of painting; be it an installation, video work, land-art or performance - one can always detect the painterly attitude underpinning them. My practice is transdisciplinary and includes spending time in the veld, speaking to local communities, conversing with scientists and delivering lectures about my findings.
My processes have a relational nature; the matter the work consists of, the subject, my influence as the artist and the viewers are all important contributors to the work. The complexity of the ecological crises I question is expressed in the conversations around extinction and loss set up between various works. My paintings include installations with organic matter, reflected light effects, artist's books and paintings drawing on conventions of botanical illustration and traditional landscape painting.

SpeldekussingII Mogonye, the Moon and Me Recalling The Water Drosera cistiflora (Sundew) Detail

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